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Co-branding with Us

Are you considering launching an incense distribution business but have little or no experience in the sector? Or perhaps you're looking to expand your startup brand and boost your market profile and profits efficiently? Maybe you're interested in adding incense as a profitable sideline to your established business with minimal time investment and hassle? Partnering with Sri Vijayalakshmi Agarbathi Works through a co-branding agreement is your solution.

By co-branding with us at Sri Vijayalakshmi Agarbathi Works, you benefit from our decades of success in the incense sector, a reputation for unmatched quality, and a knack for anticipating market trends. This ensures a continually innovative product development strategy. You'll also capture the attention of an international audience already loyal to our brand, promising excellent results for your business.

6 reasons to co-brand with Us


There's no need to invest heavily in product development – leverage our expertise in product creation and marketing instead.


We utilize our vast experience, historical insights, and sales data to choose the most appealing fragrances for your target audience.


Your product lineup will comply with the most current rules and regulations, including labeling requirements across different territories.


You'll be offering the sole globally certified vegan brand, crafted by skilled adult workers earning a fair wage in our own factory.


With consistent supply, low minimum order requirements, flexible reorder volumes, and swift delivery, you can reduce your investment and inventory levels to optimize cash flow.


Sporting the esteemed Stamford logo, your brand instantly communicates quality, positioning you prominently in the market.

The 4-step co-branding process
– working with you to…


Assist you in refining your goals, objectives, and target audience.


Assist you in fine-tuning your aims, objectives, and target market.


Select the ideal fragrances and names suited to your market.


Develop custom artwork to distinguish your brand.

MOQ (minimum order quantities)

Minimum order quantities for first and repeat orders

Number of Fragrances/Items MOQ for Initial Order MOQ for Repeat Orders
1-6 60 master cartons per fragrance/item 20 cartons per fragrance/item
7-12 40 master cartons per fragrance/item 20 cartons per fragrance/item
12+ 30 master cartons per fragrance/item 10 cartons per fragrance/item