75 years of legacy



We are committed to consistently making and selling high-quality incense products and home fragrances that will satisfy the demands and expectations of customers by continual improvement of QMS and conforming to International Industrial Standards.

Overview of our Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials & Making

Incense sticks are manufactured using bamboo sticks and fragrance oils. All the components are natural materials. The fragrant oils are made of oil from naturally aromatic plants or from other perfumes or fragrances that are mixed in an oil base.

A stick of bamboo is first glazed with an assortment of fragrant constituents. This is done manually through the technique of hand rolling which is followed by the introduction of aromatic oil / fragrance oil and left for drying.


The dried bundles are then packaged beautifully and sent across to cater to the needs of every customer. Our incense sticks are packed in boxes made of recycled cardboard, which is eco-friendly packaging material and henceforth we take a stand as a responsible Manufacturing Organisation towards Environment protection.

Product Delivery

The finished products are then delivered to our customers through our Dealer / Distribution Network. And also we sell our products through our Online Ecommerce Website www.liberty1947.com